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Over the years video games improved more and more .From monochrome display games with few pixels (8bit games)to almost 4K graphic and more.

With so much improvement come a lot of new games and programs.

With so many games and programs there was some which had to stood up and be enjoyed.

Let's start a list of those ,this list is about most selling games of all times .

*Obviously this list might change in future so i will include a year of this post.(2022)

(As i writing this blog i always try to include great and unique post not only written but also factual as it can be. I will write this blog and try to improve my writing skill and knowledge to provide great content to you readers.

Thank you)

List of best selling games :

10. Terraria - (16.may 2011) It's crazy how this action adventure game sold so much.In fact it's top 10 most sold game ever.How can one game be so popular it's crazy specially added that this game is only 2D which means that this game is very retro fashion.Still game provide hours of fun and lot of similar build and dig abilities...You could say it's a 2D MINECRAFT...

9.Red Dead Redemption 2 - (26.October 2018) This is quite a  new game only about *4 year+.Interesting fact is that it's one of the most expensive games to made and develop which truly show that even with technology of today game development can take years(it took over 8+years,crazy).

8.Pokemon RED and BLUE version - (February 27, 1996)

 Who doesn't like anything about pokemon or pokemon games ?Well this is retro classic of pokemon games is from early days and it's still awesome.The game like these made what pokemon games are about today.

In Japan in 1996 pokemon was still called pocket monster...

7.Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - (may 29. 2014) This game was created by Nintendo.DID YOU KNOW? *Mario games was (still is)games that were specifically only available on nintendo consoles...

6.SUPER MARIO BROS -(september 13, 1985) This multi platform game is cited by many as one of the greatest of all time games.(see wikipedia).This is the game that shaped nintendo into what it is today. Definitely a top 10 retro classic.

5.PUBG: Battlegrounds - (december 20.2017) This online game is one of the best selling games of all time.

*Interesting fact : is that when game started using Battleye software (more info wikipedia) it banned over 13mil. of users...crazy right...

4.Wii Sports - (november 19.2006) Another Nintendo games that become all time favourite.This game included selection of sports not just one type of gameplay.

3.TETRIS - (september 12.2006) This year seams like the year for sport and puzzle games as 2 top 4 games had been most ever sold games that year.Easy to play but hard to master sums pretty much any game but especially this "GREATEST EVER RETRO CLASSIC".

*(disclaimer: Tetris 1984 sold 520mil.times but it was a game series not as a game. source Wikipedia)

2.Grand Theft Auto V - (september 17.2013) Who don't remember playing this amazing open world shooter game.?There's not much to say about this game as to once you played this you know what to do in this game even though this game is so open ...levels are very sequel.

1.MINECRAFT - (November 18, 2011) This sand box game was sold more than 238,000,000 times officially (see wikipedia) .This is really amazing game.

Did you know ? that this game was created in Java programing language by one person... is mindblowing...

This List is correct for years 2021-22.

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