∆Pt∆ - Ghostbuster's : The video game - how long is ghostbusters the video game ?...from start to finish?

 How long is Ghostbusters : The video game ?

I didn't know the answer for this .So my answer would be it can take as long as you want it (that goes for any game in my opinion) and for that reason i looked online. To check for approximate time ratio of gameplay amongst other info.

(pic,source bing)

Once i did that i find this info :

Whole Main Story Whole Main + Sides Complete Completionist All Styles (but not complete fully)
Whole Main Storyaproxi. 7½ Hours Whole Main + Sidesaproxi. 9 Hours Complete Completionistaproxi. 13 Hours All Styles (but not complete fully)aproxi. 8½ Hours

* Even with table ,time scale to complete game is approximate and everyone should always consider (break times...etc) after long playing session's.(also Pt means play time)

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