The Ghostbusters - The video game : this the best graphic game of 2009? relevant is it in these day's gaming?...

 The game i still visit from time to time on old and trusty PS3 .The first game of ghostbusters sequel started same year as first movie (which came out 1984). However one of the most popular releases of ghost buster's must definitely be 2009 GHOSTBUSTER'S : THE VIDEO GAME ...I written in big letter's cause it look's like anomaly that way (:) . What i also like about this game is that it's playable on PS3 (The best build quality playstation in my opinion).In game you practicaly hunting ghost's but more about that in game play section.

(How the game look on PS3 and other's,source google)

Ghostbuster's gameplay data info to crunch :

This game is single player for the Xbox 360, Windows, and PlayStation three variations of the game. The Wii and PS2 variations have a considerably unique campaign, however the testimonies are commonly identical.The recreation is a third-person shooter, putting gamers in the position of a new recruit to the Ghostbusters group acknowledged as "the Rookie". Players manage the Rookie's actions as he explores the environments of every level, searching for out paranormal things to do and ghosts, both on my own or in conjunction with the different Ghostbusters.

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 Players can change to a first-person viewpoint by means of equipping the Rookie with a PKE Meter and goggles. In this mode, paranormal objects are highlighted and the PKE Meter helps direct gamers to ghosts or haunted artifacts.Players can purpose and fireplace a Proton Stream to weaken ghosts, earlier than switching to a seize flow to manoeuvre them into a ghost trap. Continuous use of the Proton Pack reasons it to overheat, and gamers are momentarily unable to use the pack's weapons till vented. The Capture Stream can additionally be used to "slam" ghosts, and go objects in the environment.

(main boss character of the game ,source bing)

Over the path of the game, the Proton Pack can be upgraded to consist of extra firing modes such as the Shock Blast, Slime Blower (positively charged), and a Meson Collider, every with an alternate firing mode (a Boson Dart, Stasis Stream, Slime Tether and Overload Pulse). Upgrades are earned through taking pictures ghosts, and figuring out cursed artifacts and new species of ghost. The recreation additionally tallies economic destruction induced by way of the player, with Xbox 360 Achievements and PlayStation three Trophies awarded for both minimizing harm done, or for inflicting a excessive quantity of damage.

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Many of the achievements' names come from fees in the films, such as the "You Gotta Try This Pole" achievement.In location of a typical heads-up display, the player's fitness and weapon fame are represented as meters on the again of the Proton Pack. The player's fitness regenerates over time if they do now not take similarly damage, and that can be revived if knocked down by way of any Ghostbusters nonetheless standing. Similarly, the participant can assist revive fallen crew members. If all of the lively Ghostbusters fall, together with the player, the participant will have to restart at the closing checkpoint.

Summary : 

..."Game adding certain addition to movie but never been the top game it self .Great little early 2000s classic."

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