LEGO Rock Raiders - ...A game nobody was really hyped about or.?

Back in 1999 was era when internet was just beginning to florish and when people were hyped about what 2000s era brings.The time when lego Rock Raiders game was made.

(Lego Rock Raiders - game made into lego set,source bing)

 Lego Rock Raiders was once a short-lived Lego theme that lasted for two years. It was once launched in 1999 and discontinued in 2000. Despite this brief lifespan, the theme brought an problematic storyline that used to be delivered thru video video games and comics. The storyline established on the crew of the spaceship the LMS Explorer and their search for electricity crystals. The toy units had been all set on an alien planet. 

The storyline of this game: ...Worried the Rock Raiders' spaceship being sucked thru a wormhole into a far-off galaxy. The crew then has to mine for strength crystals however in the system ought to additionally face territorial Rock Monsters.

 In 2009, the Power Miners theme been launched, with regardless of no longer being set in an alien galaxy and had similarities to the Rock Raiders theme by using focus on a team of miners.There are six characters in the Lego Rock Raiders theme.

Main 6 characters of this game:

Axle – The Rock Raiders' exceptional driver, he has been viewed to be quite impulsive and tends to dive headfirst into a risky situation, although he is very succesful of defending himself. Axle is happiest when he is using the Chrome Crusher, the Rock Raiders' biggest land vehicle. His capacity to deal with whatever with wheels is 2d to none; he has gained the Lego World Racing Champion award three times, making him one of the quickest in the galaxy.

Bandit – The Rock Raiders' biggest sailor, he is happiest when cruising the underground lakes and rapids on the Rapid Rider. He is additionally the Rock Raiders' head navigator, he continually is aware of his specific location. After spending so a lot time underwater and on the Rapid Rider, he tends to be a little shaky on land.

Chief – The oldest, wisest and most skilled Rock Raider. He is calm in any scenario and has the journey to clear up nearly any problem. Chief captains the LMS Explorer, from which he instructions his team, and is constantly geared up to teleport them out if some thing goes incorrect in a cavern. Years in the past he misplaced his left arm whilst rescuing miners from a cave-in on Pluto; it used to be changed with a mechanical arm, succesful of capturing plasma blasts. Chief has by no means left the LMS Explorer in twenty years, he loves it so lots that he has made it his home. He is rumored to have encountered a rock monster in his youth.

Docs – The Rock Raiders' head Geologist and Commander. Docs is a very calm person, and wholly assesses a situation, protecting each and every feasible plan, even though from time to time he spends too an awful lot time thinking.

Jet – The most brave and strong-willed of all the Rock Raiders, she is a very professional pilot and is continually ready to take on new, interesting challenges. She is geared up for any assignment she constantly techniques her missions with a degree head.

Sparks – An specialist on all things mechanical and electrical, although sadly he is additionally very clumsy. He is constantly taking matters apart, however once in a while he forgets to put them lower back together. He is credited with designing most of the Rock Raiders’ equipment.

(Game was also made for psone,source google)

Summary :

Let's face it ,game wasn't hit or anything special other than nice graphic and fact that it's related to lego (which is still top 10 best selling toy company in world ) this game is nothing special.Great little game timewaster though .:)

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