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When playing Warcraft 3 i stumble upon many question's that needed answers...One of the question was definitely how do i change setting in Warcraft 3 on Windows 11? ..So i started searching online for answer ...Search after search (bit exaggerating,i know :)...Online the answer is never fully clear ,so i tested many answer's and realized that i found correct solution after few hours of searching .

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Luckily found answer's eventually :

1. Switching to a windowed mode is simple.

- Using a simple shortcut key:

 Try Alt + Enter hotkey when you’re enjoying in full-screen gaming mode. This hotkey should possibly set off a windowed mode when pressed. Keyboard shortcut is however not supported for all games.

2. how to change size of display ?

- Using a setting menu :

In most games there is setting menu which allow to change size of display very easily .All you need to do to go to usually setting (setting > display ) and change to preffered size .

3. Creating shortcut to run in widowed mode for Warcraft 3 ?

- You first right click on empty desktop area

2. you then select ''new'' and the select shortcut 

3. You then type in where ever you had it installed usually ''C:\Program files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe'' ...into window

4. After that you should just press ''next'' and ''Finish''

5.Enjoy Warcraft 3 in shortcut windowed mode.

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- Why play games in windowed mode you may ask ?

- Well you don't have to but if you ever decided you want to switch to windowed mode on windows you now know how to .Also windowed mode provide many advantages as for example seeing notification more clearly,quicker access programs or tools you want to switch to.

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