The Simpsons 1991 (the arcade video game) : ...are old funky style games still in fashion?...or is year 2024 really too modern?...

 Who never watched at least a one episode of the American series The Simpsons ?...Well most people did when it comes to explaining what it's about many of you have quite a good idea but what about games that relate to the series? Let's talk a bit more about Classic Simpsons arcade game from 1991.

(based on success of original tv series the Simpsons,source bing)

Let's start with more info about this classic.

The Simpsons is an arcade beat 'em up developed and posted by Konami and launched in 1991. It used to be the first video sport based totally on the Simpsons franchise to be launched in North America. The recreation permits up to 4 gamers to manage individuals of the Simpson household as they battle a range of enemies to rescue the kidnapped Maggie.

(game has unique changing characters,source-=-)

What about gameplay ?Well let's begin with basic.
The Simpsons is a side-scrolling beat 'em up that approves gamers to be part of it at any time. Two extraordinary cupboard fashions have been produced: one permitting up to two simultaneous players, every in a position to pick a character, and some other permitting 4 gamers with a committed role for each character. Controls consist of an eight-way joystick and two buttons to soar and attack.

(some story mode are authentic to characters,source -=-)

The characters have unique assault styles like for example... Homer punches and kicks, Marge swings a vacuum cleaner, Bart wields a skateboard, and Lisa assaults with a soar rope. Two characters standing shut to every different can mount a mixed attack, such as Homer and Marge retaining every other's ankles to roll round the display screen and mow down enemies, or Homer putting Lisa on his shoulders so they can strike at two special heights.

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Each participant has a fitness meter, which decreases upon being hit via enemies; meals objects can be picked up to top it off. Players can additionally choose up and throw/swing objects such as hammers, bowling balls, and mailboxes as melee weapons.

(in game you can play as different parts of the Simpsons family with different gameplay style,source-=-)


A game that mainly started because of success of tv series which the whole game is actually based on .Really nice time spender,still able to play on many classic arcade machines.Not as popular as tv series mainly as something that was new in 1991.Still retro games tend to bring fans that look for that remainder of that era .

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