MS-DOS - ...all programs and games really too old for 2024?,etc..

 Ms-dos initially release in August 12 1981 which is almost 43 years ago from now .
(logo of ms-dos,source bing)

Last updated version of this operating system was in 2000 so very long time ago.(23,almost 24 years).Final release was version 8.0 .It had many version's of the operating system but

(classic ms-dos pc now day's ,was just starting in 1981,source -=-)
latest supported version's was 7.0 until 2001 and then 7.1 and 8.0 till 2006.It's been used for more than 40 year's (with updates) started as ms-dos 1.x with version 1.1 dos.

(ms-dos (funny but wasn't funny back then) advert in 1981,source -=-)

Ms-dos has many games still available to play online (in 40year's must have made some) although games cannot be played in version they are since MS-DOS is unsupported for modern pc windows .The program to play ms-dos games on modern pc's is dos-box or similar emulator file.(just make sure you downloading from reliable source ).
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