Is pac-man a game to play still?...or better stick to newer games?...

 Ahh ...the original Pac-man a game that over the year's just get better and better but also a bit stay the same.But what about those arcade machine games of games like pac-man?Well, those are still in fashion but not as much as they use to ..Arcade games like Pac-man had many add-ons(not really add-ons but 2th version of original version which was nearly identical) as games because of simplicity of the game .

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One of such this games was Pac-man plus..So what kinda game is Pac-man plus?...Pac-Man Plus is an arcade recreation that used to be launched via Bally Midway in 1983.

The gameplay is pretty much straight forward.

The gameplay in Pac-Man Plus is almost same to that of the unique original first version of Pac-Man. The participant controls Pac-Man and tries to rake in as many factors as feasible with the aid of consuming all the Pac-Dots in the maze whilst warding off the 4 ghosts that chase him round the maze and will kill him if they seize him. 

(gameplay is very simple yet challenging,source-=-)

Eating a Power Pellet will purpose the ghosts to flip blue(basicaly coloration change) and emerge as inclined for a quick duration of time, permitting Pac-Man to devour them for greater points. Once the maze has been cleared, it will be refilled as the gameplay continues.

The most substantive variations between the authentic first release recreation and Plus release are more than a few tweaks to the photos like for instance the maze is inexperienced alternatively of blue, inclined ghosts are shorter and have a stem and leaf sticking out of their heads, the fruits have been changed through new gadgets (including a can of Coca-Cola) and the ghosts' eyes are now a pixel nearer to every other. 

(pac-man posing with coca cola drink,source -=-)

In addition to these beauty changes (which adds certain swag to game) plus additional modifications the gameplay slightly consuming a bonus object will purpose the ghosts to flip each prone and become invisible, and doubles their factor cost whilst they are vulnerable.

 Eating a Power Pellet additionally every now and then has unpredictable results, such as turning the maze invisible or turning solely three of the 4 ghosts blue (the latter of which makes it not possible to clear a spherical through the usage of a pattern). The ghosts are additionally quicker and extra aggressive than they have been in the unique Pac-Man, which makes the sport appear normal faster-paced and greater hard by way of comparison.


Pac-man as game is one of those that sounds great and looks great just not as popular as it's use to be .Awesome game that bring's hours of fun due to simplicity yet hard to master complex series of levels.

...''pure awesome,shame it's just too old for these day's gaming ''...

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