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(Latest update for Heart's of iron 4 on steam February 7 2024) 
(Hearts of iron 4 has many details that require longer gameplay for better understanding of how to play ,source bing)

+ Update of the game is on rise again.
Latest updates are almost never ending with the game it self which develop and improve a lot since release.For example ...Hearts of Iron IV Dev Diary for the soon coming DLC trial of the game.

(dlc trial pack,source steam)

Hearts of iron 4 will have lot more updates over the coming month's.Even though it's not the most updated game it certainly has lot of changes since release.
(loads of new updates since game release,source bing)

Game it self has many online groups and communities that include plenty of important and resourceful information as this game has many players offline and online.
(pic,source -=-)

You can get this game on STEAM or if you missed or want to get older version of this game best and safest place (becareful downloading games from unknown sources) to get it would be GOG.

(source -=-)

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