Donkey Kong : this game stay classic for ever ...? it still play worthy?...

...In the time before internet and TV and newspaper as most of the news story back in early 80s there was not many computers or mobile phones .The year that one of the best game has been made...

(Classic Nintendo donkey kong,source google)

The game that speak for it self and as one of the earliest 2D platformers ever made ..What is it?Well obviosly can only be one of only very few games (very thight selection from 80s )...The Donkey Kong ..As game in question is 1983 classic ,...let's dive a bit more into what this game is about.

(Donkey Kong change a lot since 80s,source -=-)

More info about gameplay :

 Following 1980's Space Panic, Donkey Kong is one of the earliest examples of the platform(basiccaly platform game) sport genre, even prior to the time period being coined(like arcade machines) the U.S. gaming press used "climbing game" for video games with structures and ladders (2D design allowed structure at the time). 

(Donkey Kong had many different games,source -=-)

As the first platform sport to function jumping, Donkey Kong requires the participant to leap between gaps and over barriers or drawing near enemies, putting the template for the future of the genre. With 4 special stages, Donkey Kong used to be the most complicated(it's play difficulty was high at the time) arcade sport of the time, and one of the first arcade video games with more than one stages(very new game style at the time), following video games such as 1980's Phoenix and 1981's Gorf and Scramble.

(Japanese Nintendo version of Donkey Kong,source -=-)

In addition to the purpose of saving Pauline(the pink dressed women), the participant has a score. Points are awarded for the following examples :... Leaping over obstacles destroying objects with a hammer power-up,accumulating gadgets such as hats, parasols, and purses, doing away with rivets from platforms and finishing every stage in accordance to a gradually lowering bonus counter. The participant begins with three lives with a bonus existence awarded at 7,000 points(every game has different bonus score now). A lifestyles is misplaced when Mario touches Donkey Kong or any enemy object, falls too far, or let's the bonus counter attain zero. The recreation ends when all lives are lost.(basically dead means The end game till restart or respawn).

Summary :

..Donkey Kong is brand name that speak for it self ,well known well respected top-mid range game probably for ever.This classic still used in arcade machines to this day ...

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