Usb and a classic PS3 (unfinished article)...why transfering data is so difficult and annoying..

 There's 1000s of games on psone,ps2 and ps3 .This classic games are sometimes the thing you want to play just so to remained you of the good old times.Even though this games sometimes feel like old classic they are become more retro games of the future every day.

(ps3 image,source bing)

While i was playing one of the the ps3 games(grand turismo 5) i looked and realised that i deleted all my saved game data already.

This not come as big surprise since i was trying to play different games with playstation limited space (111gb or more modern max at 250gb).

So i looked online to see if i can somehow find answer to this.

No.Once something is deleted on ps3 it's deleted fully and would take hours and someone profesional to recover file like that.

So back to this specific example of a game GT5.

There is however a software cheat which let's you add cr and other stuff too.

So i will try it and see if i can restore any progress.

While also looking for more cheatcodes and walkthrough... read more (*future article ).

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