The Settlers 3 - Definition of what strategy games should be ...or is it?

 This strategy game while not a best strategy game it's certainly in top 100 for sure.Game it self is not complicated and if played for a while it starts be quite addictive because how rewarding the game is.

(Settlers 3 has many thing's improved from original Settlers game,source bing)

Work on The Settlers III commenced in January 1997, prior to the launch of The Settlers II: Gold Edition. Initially, Blue Byte had no immediately plans to do a 3th title in the series, however due to the sudden recognition of each The Settlers and its sequel, Volker Wertich (designer and programmer of the original) and Thomas Hertzler (Blue Byte CEO and the collection producer) determined to commence development. 

(Game offer maps with unique scenario,source -=-)

Wertich had now not been worried in the making of the 2d game, because, as he describes it, "after two years programming The Settlers, I did not without a doubt choose to see these little guys for a while". 

However, with the aid of 1997, he was once prepared to resume working on the series, keen to enforce thoughts which he felt would enable the sport to compete with rival titles such as Warcraft II and Anno 1602.

(ability to build buildings where-ever on the map is awesome ,souce -=-)

Wertich's core plan essential used to be to hold the most famous factors of the Settlers gameplay, however enhance the graphics, and each enlarge and enhance upon the sport mechanics as tons as possible.

 He started through going via remarks from followers of the first two games, and rapidly noticed two ordinary suggestions; to enhance the unreliable delivery machine from Settlers II, and to put into effect on line multiplayer capabilities, some thing he started out programming right now.

(game offer many features ,source bing)


Game certainly became a definition of a good quality strategy game and has lot to offer.Definitely recommend playing.It's a Ubisoft never ageing masterpiece for retro heads,for sure.

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