Road Rash - one of the first racing game implemented into other games by EA...

 Road Rash was once one of the first video games conceived with the amazing EA following the company's choice to commence growing video games internally. 

(graphic can always tell the game is old but still it's a nice RETRO classic ,source bing)

The game's programmers Dan Geisler and Carl Mey had been employed by means of EA to create a banked street impact for Mario Andretti Racing, then being developed as an NES title. 

(something this game has a lot is crashes,specially playing it for first time,-=- )

When the NES hardware proved incapable of rendering the favored effect, center of attention shifted to a bike racing recreation for the extra effective Sega Genesis.

(this is the cover,source-=-)

Road Rash is a 1991 racing and vehicular fight video sport in the beginning developed and posted by way of Electronic Arts (EA) for the Sega Genesis. It used to be in consequence ported to a range of modern structures by using differing companies. 

(if this game was made into modern version,this is how it would look in real life or very high graphic,source bing)

The recreation is situated round a sequence of bike races at some point of California that the participant need to win to enhance to higher-difficulty races, whilst attractive in unarmed and armed fight to restrict the different racers.

 (gameplay can be fun ,-=-)

The game is old and apart from obvious racing (which many games offer too) and crashes (which even a gta offer higher graphic) this game doesn't give anything else also it's quite old so it make sense that there wasn't many people wanting to play this game anymore.

Cubeblogstation rating :
5.5/10 ★★★