Battlefield 2142 is this game a 2006 best first-person shooter?...

Battlefield 2142 is a one of the first modern version of firstperson-shooter games.Game it self was developed by DICE company and published by EA.

(a classic game with futuristic gameplay,source bing)

 Battlefield consists of two gameplay modes, Conquest and Titan, the latter of which can solely be performed on-line in multiplayer maps (without the use of adjustments ("mods")).

(adding vehicles to online first-person shooter makes this game so much better when it was released in 2006)

 Both modes assist varying numbers of players, up to 64, relying upon the server a participant chooses to be part of online.

 The single participant mode consists of a most of sixteen players, which consists of 15 AI bots. Commander Mode from Battlefield two returns, as one participant from every group can observe and both take delivery of or flip down the position of turning into commander. 

(game has some interesting design ,source -=-)

The participant in the commander function has integral roles in the game, such as deploying UAV's, artillery strikes, airdropping elements or motors for their team.

(game still has some retro fans for a reason,source -=-)

As game it self is old and online multiplayer stopped in 2014 ,so there's not much to this game other then reminder of how great good-old fashion games used to be.

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