Ark - a best survival game of this year ?

 When you start thinking about survival games one game that stand out this year most definitely must be ARK.Now with updated ARK 2.

(Ark vs Ark 2,logo source Google)

But what is the game about ?

The game is open world game that can be explored on foot or by riding a prehistoric animal, and it can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. 

(game has lot more animals and improved gameplay)

Players have the ability to build bases as a defense on the ground and against some creatures. 

They can defend themselves against hostile humans and creatures using firearms and improvised weapons. The game has both single-player and multiplayer choices. In multiplayer, players on a server can form tribes of their own.

(Famous added new characters add uniqueness)

 Each server has its own limit on the maximum number of tribe mates. All tamed dinosaurs and building structures are typically shared among the members in this mode. There is a PvE mode in which players can't fight each other unless a certain war event that both parties have agreed upon occurs.

Ark as a game was criticized for its "punishing" difficulty, reliance on grinding, and performance issues, particularly on the original Nintendo Switch version, in the majority of reviews for Survival Evolved. 

The game has had a number of expansions made available as downloadable content. 

(Ark 2)

In March 2018, the game got two spin-offs—virtual reality game Ark Park and sandbox survival game PixArk—as well as two companion apps: Dododex was released in August 2017 and A-Calc in October 2015.

While Ark 2 is much more entertaining than first Ark it seems game kept similar quality of gameplay but with updated map,characters and story mode.

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