What to do when you want new features and widget for your blog but can't find any on internet...for free

 Upon the time when internet first started there was only handful of information.Once internet become more and more used by many more people more information become available.So you may ask how is it possible that you can't find something on internet these day's??How is that even possible?

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Well there is many reason's why.Let's get into that more now.

First of all let's talk about how much info is actually on the internet??...The answer too much and not enough.On the one hand there is answer to many questions on the other you won't find info at all ...example..open university course details are not openly available on web or some secret info...etc.

There is reason's for this but the main reason is finacial.Internet began as open source of information to share any info but soon business realized that and that changed the way internet is used today.

(many widget are really cool but also some are pointless...)

These day's there is courses available some with more general info are free and some with more specific info is paid.Creating website for example you need hosting and domain.Yes you can have subdomain but is it worth it in long run + it does not look good on business also.How many sucesfull business have subdomain website?none.

Second reason why you can't sometimes find info on the internet is because is just so new, and specialized or not used that often that business and other people never think about so it's not shared on internet.

 While starting building a blog on blogger is apparently lot harder than blog on other hosting providers it comes with some positives as well.

Some positives and negatives about hosting site with blogger:

positives :
it's hosted by highly trusted google
domain is reasonable priced
easy to install theme
easy to change layout

negatives :
hard to install new programs like chat or forum
once you buy domain you need ssl certificated
no drag n drop system for page creating

While there is some negatives when using blogger one thing is for sure ,it has highly reliable hosting 99.8% uptime.Not many other providers provide such high reliable hosting.

Features of good reason why to host site with Google :
 Outstanding Availability and Uptime
  Live Migration of Virtual Machines
   Free Uptime Monitoring
    Leading Global Infrastructure
     Unrivalled Through put
 Performance Optimization With Network Service Tiers
  Continued Dedication to Network Expansion
   Ease of Setup
    Amazing Support Service
     State-of-the-Art Security

Added (safe) links providers :

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