Sinclair ZX Spectrum - The most sold pc in Britain in, updates..and more.

Back in 1982 one of the well known pc was born. A computer called ZX spectrum.

(Sinclair Zx spectrum, source Bing)

What is ZX Spectrum ?

ZX spectrum is a one of the Britain's well known 8-bit pc made and developed by Sinclair.It was released in the United Kingdom on 23 April 1982, and set of to become Britain's best-selling pc.

(ZX spectrum was made by Sinclair, source Google)

Referred to during development as the ZX81 Colour and ZX82, it was launched as the ZX Spectrum to  punctuate the machine's colour display, which differed from the black and white display of its predecessor, the ZX81. 

(there's 1000s of games and softwares available for zx spectrum)

The Spectrum was released as six different models, ranging from the entry  position with 16 KB RAM released in 1982 to the ZX Spectrum 3 with 128 KB RAM and  erected in droopy fragment drive in 1987 ,altogether they  vended over 5 million units worldwide( not counting unofficial copies). 

(ZX spectrum, gameplay, source Google)

The machine was officially discontinued and stop production in 1992 .Still games and softwares can be downloaded and played on modern PC for free online these days.Just make sure to look out for viruses or suspicious malware.😉

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