Should you download Minecraft from unknown source?

  Still, do not sweat it, If you are trying to figure out how to download Minecraft. 

Getting the correct version of the game and setting up your account is not nearly as confusing these days, a decade after its original Minecraft release.

          (Minecraft,source Google)

Although there are two  performances of Minecraft, they are now value as a package deal and are more original to one another than ever. 

(Source: Google)

You should always be carefull as Minecraft can be downloaded from many sites these days which can sometimes have malware or viruses.

                (java bedrock, source Google)

Unlike in the past, you can not squash all to just antivirus alone. Both  performances and different versions of Minecraft are compatible with the Windows operating system, despite one specifically being named Minecraft for Windows as long as it's Safe to download from reputable sites.

additional (safe sites) links :

Official Minecraft more.