Roblox amazing highly played game or something else ...

 Roblox a well known game that is free to play.There are game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux.(Which are also available as vouchers.)

(Roblox,source Google)

 As of August 2020, Roblox had over 164 million yearly active online players, including more l than half of all American children under 16. 

                          (Source, Google)

Roblox is one of best know online playing game.

People spent money when playing Roblox.While ability to purchase stuff in Roblox is great most users are under adult age.

(unlimited amount of costumisable characters is one of the main feature of this game, source internet)

Roblox is generally considered as sort of main YouTuber's game similar to Minecraft.

Although Roblox has many generally positive reviews from critics, it has faced negative review for its microtransactions and allegations of exploitative practices directed toward children under 16.(source Google)

(Roblox in game play)

Roblox game started in 2004. Over years Roblox logo changed many times.

(This logo is how Roblox looked in 2004, source Google)
(and this is how Roblox is looking now)

Summary of this amazing one in a million possibility of creation game is difficult.On the one hand it has milion's of online users daily on the other hand it receives negative reviews because of payment required to buy in game stuff and most players been under 16.
(Source, internet)

Still great game to play as it's still played by so many people every day.As it's one of only few games that people still actively play even though game it self is almost 20 years old.(2004)

Cubeblogstation rating : 9.1/10