Destiny 2 ..a step forward on this free to play multiplayer and more

*UPDATE: Destiny 2 is available for free on Steam...

A long awaiting sequel to mostly online playing game is arriving. A Destiny 2.But is the game any good or better than the first destiny? Maybe,.. possibly.

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Set in a"  fabulous wisdom fabrication" world, the game features a multiplayer"  shared- world" terrain with rudiments of part- playing games. 

Like the original, conditioning in fortune 2 are divided among player versus terrain( PvE) and player versus player( PvP) game types. In addition to normal story operations, PvE features three- player" strikes" and dungeons and six- player raids. 

(There are many new features and characters)

A free  club command mode is also available for each destination which feature public events as well as conditioning not available in the original. 

These  exertion have an emphasis on  exploration of the destinations and relations withnon- player characters( NPCs); the original fortune only featured NPCs in social spaces.

(Graphic is very good, source Google)

 PvP features objective  -  predicated modes, as well as traditional deathmatch game modes. Players assume the part of a Guardian,  protectors of Earth's last safe  municipality as they apply a power called Light to cover humanity from different alien races and combat the brewing trouble of the Darkness. 

Like the original fortune, the game features expansion packs which foster the story and adds new content across the game. 

Year One of fortune 2 featured two small expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. A third, large expansion, Abandoned, began Year Two with an overhaul on gameplay. The release of the coming expansion, Shadowkeep( October 2019) began Year Three.

 Shadowkeep and  future releases are considered standalone releases, not taking players to enjoy former decoration content. Released alongside this fourth expansion was a interpretation of fortune 2 called New Light, a free- to- playre- release of fortune 2, which also included access to the first two expansions. Separate seasonal passes also came available for each season's content. While the main fortune 2 game has agone.

             been free- to- play, all other content requires purchasing. 

Year Four saw the biggest overhaul on the game, as nearly half of the game's content from its first three times, including the unique based gameplay as well as Curse of Osiris and Warmind, were removed from the game and placed into what Bungie calls the fortune Content Vault. 

Alongside this change, Year Four began with the fifth expansion, Beyond Light, which introduced the power of Darkness to the players. 

(Game play is something new for sure)

Bungie described this expansion as the morning of a new period for the ballot, as it would be followed up by The Witch Queen in early 2022 and Lightfall in early 2023. There will also be a final chapter, The Final Shape, to follow Lightfall to conclude the first saga of fortune, called the" Light and Darkness Saga," before the morning of a new saga. 

All the new Destiny 2 seems like a step in a right direction.Great new stuff and improved graphic design sure give it a much better GamePlay but still keeps similarities with first version .Still free to play online so why not 😉.

cubeblogstation rating: 8.6/10.

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