Valorant: patches, updates and more

Game that is very popular with online players .yes the talk here is about Valorant.

                     (img source,Google)

Recently game had identified as very slow required high setting to play.So change setting was a need .

(gameplay is quite intense)

how does this help against high-ping setting players? Given that the player will probably be experiencing huge delays, the enemy will have ducked out of sight long before the shot goes off.

          (Valorant is multiplayer game)

 With the rewind system, however, the low-ping character is being rewound back into the position they were in when the high-ping player’s bullet was fired, meaning they’re taking damage despite actively avoiding the shot.

(img, source Google)

The new system should hopefully make sure this doesn’t happen, as the character won’t be rewound so far backwards that they’re placed in the firing line.

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