Hogwarts Legacy.New design similar game play...Worth waiting??

 Exciting new game where you get to experience magic ✨ , creatures,spells and potions ...Yes, it's new game Hogwarts Legacy .

                   (Image , internet search)


Game starts with person choosing character which is customizable .After that animation in city starts.. Once animation is done ...Well let's not spoil it you can Pre-order on amazon and any good retailer.


Many new features which include choosing customize character, potions ,unlocking spells, costumes and perks...

                (Picture of gameplay, internet)

Many features that are always repeated like communication between characters is very old fashion or leveling up gameplay ...etc...

                  (Gameplay part 1, YouTube)

Overall rating it's great game with improved graphic and easier gameplay to play which also has many "old fashion" similarities. With this in mind does it worth waiting for? ...Let that decide for yourself 😉

+ Improved graphic

+ Open world gameplay

- old fashion chat character style 

- level stacking (mild)

Cubeblogstation rating : 9.5/10

         (Internet search, gameplay)