Witcher 3 : Game of the year ? still one to play?review and more...

 The Witcher 3 is game which has many similarities with GTA and Roblox .The game start with animation of old guy talking to a group of (zombie like ๐Ÿ˜…) people where after menu pop and after you start playing game.


First few levels you just progress and getting to know the map.

       (source,internet search)

After that you can run around, swim under water have inter changeable two swords, potions and bits like in terraria but no digging ground (which is what Witcher 4 should have for sure๐Ÿ‘).


In GTA you have that round map telling you where to go similar is also in Witcher 3.

What make this game stand out of the rest is the fact that you can move around and under water as well and control horse which can be called(spawn) almost everywhere.

Great features does not end there adding stuff to inventory and crafting new items is pretty awesome too

Playability :

This game require quite a lot of space to download .

To be precise almost 50GB (yes it's lot).

Although not as much as some other games you still need fast internet connection and gaming performance pc.

more info at official gog site.


cubeblogstation rating overall is : 9.2/10

+ features and gameplay

- size and playability