Review : Crash Bandicoot ...Is it just old nostalgia or not?

 Who does not like the pointy ear short legs or riding jacket with big letter ''C" yes i am talking about Crash Bandicoot.

In recent years Crash Bandicoot started becoming a more of a new hype.

Started with PS4 version of first 3 PSone games updated and put together(N-sane Trilogy) and ended with new PS4/PS5 game(it's about time).

* The N-sane Trilogy definitely restarted Crash Bandicoot into new horizons...

In many ways Crash Bandicoot become one of the favourite games for many people.Game it self even though is quite simple in context provide hours of fun and entertainment no matter who you are you will enjoy it.

Definitely one of the great games of all time...Yii Haaa...🤓

SCORE: 8.5/10

Crash Bandicoot, Bandicoot, PS4,PS5,PSone.