Dos,Windows or Linux a operating systems when compared.

If we talking about computers essential part of any pc is operating system.Operating system is important for any devices but for pc/mac there's only 3 main operating systems.
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DOS, Windows, or Linux.  

 DOS operating system stands for Disk Operating System, which is an operating system that was popular till 1995 in IBM PCs. It's a single- tasking zilches i.e., it can perform one task at a time. 
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It's grounded on a command- line interface where one has to  give instructions to the computer in the command form. It runs from hard disks, droopy disks, or any other  storehouse  bias and  therefore provides an  terrain for the  prosecution of programs. It occupies  lower memory. 

To use  further than 64kb of memory, memory extenders were used, which aged Windows used to use  further memory. It was firstly released only to OEMs( Original Equipment Manufacturers) who added support for their  tackle. It was  ultimately released to the public. 
(evolution of windows, source google)


Windows operating system is a product of Microsoft. It's an operating system with  colorful  performances, Windows 10 being the  rearmost  interpretation. It's a Graphics- Grounded  stoner interface. druggies give commands through clicking or choosing icons and images with the help of a mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen to the computer. Windows was firstly a DOS extender running on top of DOS. 
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The Windows 9x family  conforming of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, and Windows ME ran on top of MS- DOS and is able of running DOS programs directly. Windows NT was released independently and is  movable , and  originally, it was written in C and C languages where processor competence ability is separated into DAL and HLL and was designed to be more secure than DOS and the Windows 9x family. 

The Windows NT family includes Windows NT3.x,4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and so on. Windows is definitely lot more  dependable than DOS and handles any error smother and with ease due to  colorful tools available for debugging and error  running. 

 Linux operating system is a freely distributed multitasking and (multi-user) operating system that behaves like UNIX. It was firstly developed by a Finnish pupil/student, LINUS TORVALDS in 1991. 
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It's the stylish known and most generally used open - source operating system. It's across - platform operating system grounded on UNIX that can be installed on PCs and laptops.